10 Best Ab Workouts for Men

ab workouts for men

Ab workouts for men

If your target is getting a six pack abs, you will have to start up your workout from today. But it is always necessary to know the best workouts before doing something. You will have to go for a perfect tutorial and as you landed on this page, you will leave here with all the knowledge you need. Maintaining healthy abs is not an easy thing as it sounds, but if you can try it out, you will be a real gainer for your health. So it’s time to increase the overall flexibility of your body with these best ab workouts for men.

Best Ab Workouts for Men

Ab Wheel Rollout:

For this effective workout, you will have to kneel down on the floor and hold the ab wheel with both your hands beneath the shoulder. Now roll the wheel forward until you feel that you will be losing the tension. Again roll yourself back to the starting position. You will have to repeat the whole workout as many times as you can. Be sure that you are maintaining a perfect form for this exercise.

Barbell Rollout ab workouts for men:

Now, this is almost similar to the previous one but for this, you will need a barbell road fixed with 10-pound plates. Kneel down on the floor and grasp the barbell rod so that your shoulders should be above it. Now slowly roll it forward as much as you can. You will have to roll it till your hips are about to sag the floor. Roll yourself back to the beginning position.

Flutter Kick:

Lie on the floor with your back and keep your legs straight and your hands on both sides of the body. Now slowly lift your heels for about 6 inches off the floor and rapidly kick your feet up and down in a scissor-like motion.

Leg Raise:

Go near the bench and lie beside it. Hold the bench firmly for the support you need to raise your leg. Now keep your legs straight and raise them up slowly until they are vertical. Put your back low on the floor but remember to keep a bit above the floor. This keeps a tension on your abs before the next repetition.

Medicine Ball Russian Twist:

For this workout, you will, of course, need a medicine ball and you will have to start is sitting on a floor holding the medicine ball with both the hands and extend your arms in front of you. now twist your body from one side to another and then again twist back to the other side. Repeat this as many times as you can ab workouts for men.