Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

beard maintenance tips

beard maintenance tips

If you think you have a secret love for your beard, it’s no more secret, as when you have a stylish beard, it’s, of course, a product of good care. So you should spend your time maintaining the beard so that it looks attractive and healthy. There are many ways to care your beard and we will give you the most working beard maintenance tips that you should know. A good beard is a symbol of masculinity so you should really take care of it.

Do you know the features of a good beard? Yes, a good beard never has a dry skin. You will never have to scratch your beard. Your partner will never get a beard burn and of course, your necklines should be shaped well so that overall it looks very stylish and shiny.

Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

Beard Neckline should look like “U”:

Do you have an idea about this one? Your beard neckline should be designed like a ‘U’. Most of the time it’s tough to get exactly what you should do, but, there’s an easy way to get what we are saying. Take your index finger and the middle finger and place them above Adam’s apple to determine the baseline of the beard. Now you will have to set a line from this point straight across the neck with your razor and trim the hairs below. Now again from this point above the Adam’s Apple start shaving a “U” shape from the back of both ears. This is actually your neckline we were saying about.

Trimming the Mustache:

While trimming the mustache you will find people making weird faces. Maybe that helps in cutting the mustache in shape. But in actual you should relax your face to trim the mustache. It needs much attention and you will have to see while trimming that whether your mustache is even with all expressions you make. As tools, you will need a small comb and mustache scissors. Comb the mustache to know the length you will need to cut and then cut it with scissors for a more natural result.

Fading your Own Beard Neckline:

It is very important that you should be able to fade your own beard neckline. As you see when a barber fades the sides of your haircut to the top. But for that, you will need to know the process of using the trimmer. You have trim roughly about one inch into the beard. This is just for creating a soft contrast. This one is very important.

Beard Maintenance and Skincare:

Some men think that the beard damages their skin. Actually, the healthy beard doesn’t cause any kind of irritation. Take time and gently save the beard. Then you will have to know about the post shave care. Always be sure that your skin is clean and start your shave with warm water and end it with a cold splash of water and then after that, you will have to apply for other maintenance.

Beard Care:

Now talking about the beard care you will have to understand that beard oil and beard balm is the two things you will need. So before that, you should understand the difference between beard oil and beard balm. Actually, Beard Oil acts as a moisturizing agent and its conditions and stimulate the growth and treat your beard and the skin under it. But beard balm is a styling agent that is mainly used to increase the volume and shape of your beard. It also adds a good smell to your beard and locks the moisture. So it is clear to us that beard oil soften the bristles and hydrates the skin underneath and beard balm is used for styling and protection of the beard hairs from environmental damages and dehydration.

So it’s time to think about your beard seriously. No, if you haven’t done it, you are doing a mistake. So what’s next? Start caring your beard according to these beard maintenance tips and get a miraculous result. Don’t you dream of a stylish and attractive beard being men? Yes, of course, you do that and remember beard is something serious nowadays.