10 Best Chest Workouts of All Time for Men

best chest workouts

Barbell Bench Press:

Grip the Barbell rod just outside you’re should width and arch your back so that you see a small space between your lower back and the bench. Take the rod out of the rack and lower it on your sternum, tucking the elbows about 45 degrees to both the sides. When the bar touches your body, drive your feet hard into the floor for a support and then press the bar back up at last.

Cable Crossover:

Stand between two cable stations with pulleys set in a height that is between the top and bottom. Attach a D handle to each pulley so that you can hold with both your hands. You will have to keep your elbows slightly bent to create a tension on the cables. When you bring your hands in front of your chest, try to flex your pecs to get a better result.

Suspended Pushup:

This suspended push up is a kind of advanced pushup that we practice in our regular life. This is all about performing a push-up in an unstable suspension. This variant of push-up works harder than the push-up you do on the floor. You will need a TRX strap for this workout. Now grab the handles with your hand and extend your arms on both sides of your chest. Extend your feet exactly shoulder width apart and your body should be approx 45 degrees parallel from the floor. Keep your body straight. Lower your chest towards the floor until your hands are on the shoulders. Keep your eyebrows and your head in a neutral position.

Plyometric Pushup:

So when you want to grow your chest muscles faster, you will have to try out some of the rigid workouts that enhance the muscle growth with more force. So to do this exercise, you will have to get into push up position and put your hands just outside the chest. Put your feet shoulder width apart and make your body straight from top to toe. Now lower your body towards the floor and while pressing up you will have to do it explosively in a force so that your hands come off the floor.

Chest Squeeze Pushup:

Place two dumbbells parallel to each other touching on another. Now get yourself into the normal pushup position grabbing the dumbbell handle with each hand. Keep in mind that your body should be straight from tip to toe. This very useful workout fires up the muscles in your chest.

It’s time to include all of them in your regular workout schedule and remember when it comes to the best workout options, these best chest workouts are the best of all time. You will start getting the results within a few weeks and slowly you will be able to grow your chest like a man. So don’t waste your time and just try these options.