How to Wear Suspenders: A Complete Solution for Men

how to wear suspenders

Semi-Formal Look:

Now after all of those above, let’s have a look at something semi-formal. Actually, suspenders are good with anything if you know the right way to match it up. So, when you are into some semi-formal attire, you can also match up a pair of suspenders with your dress code. Maybe it ’s a small thing, but it can end up into a very major change in your regular wearing. This is how you can make some minor changes with suspenders to make it more interesting.

Some Tips to for Men to go with Suspenders:

1. Choosing the Right Variety:

Now when you will be choosing a pair of suspender for your wardrobe, you should know very well about all the varieties. First of all, they come in a different variety, ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘H’. you have to think which one is going to be the right match for you.

2. Thickness Matters:

If you look into the straps, you will find that it comes in various thickness. You can go with a super skinny one or a wide one. But we always suggest you get the medium width suspenders that will serve you with all kind of dresses. Until and unless you don’t need a super skinny one or a wide one for a purpose, go with the medium length ones which are between 1.25” to 1.5”.

3. Going with Clips or Buttons:

This is a big argument whether to go with the clip or the button. Both are acceptable but actually, we will suggest getting the button one for a more clean look. The button suspenders can be matched up with anything in your wardrobe. But the clips are good if you are going to get a super trendy look. But the clips are very prone to damage your waistband.

4. Say no to Belts:

When you are wearing suspenders, don’t ever think of wearing belts as they look very odd when put at the same time. It adds a pessimistic approach to your dressing. Be very confident about your dressing style and make it really extraordinary among others.

So this is the time you should make yourself look very interesting with some pair of men’s suspenders. Of course, you have your personal styling and you will have to match it up with that. Try to be comfortable with what you wear and carry that with confidence. If you are new in wearing suspenders this article on how to wear suspenders will really helpful.