INTERVIEW: Don’t Freak Out! – How to Control Your Hair Loss

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What are some of the main mistakes men make trying to save their hair?

Emotional and physical stress (for example from wearing tight helmets) or nervous pulling of the hair is a real risk for men. Another major mistake is daily hair washing with the products that are not dermatologically approved.

Also, there are a lot of false stories and myths for better hair growth. One of them is to shave the hair or to plug off the hair. That is totally nonsense. The hair is a very onerous organ which needs a big supply of energy. Caffeine can support the hair root – it has been scientifically proven to offset the unwanted side effects that testosterone can have on a man’s skin, scalp and hair.

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What would you suggest for those who think men should just be comfortable in their own skin and shave it off their worried?

It is a very personal decision and men should be able to feel comfortable with whatever feels right for them.

What would be your guidance for those in their mid-twenties who are starting to notice some hair loss where it might influence on their confidence?

Without any simple cure to hair loss available as till now, prevention is the main tip for people suffering thinning hair. It is very important to start it in your late teens to slow down the thinning process. Hair loss is a reaction of exhaustion of hair roots, so prevention gives you the best chance to save your hair. If your hair root is dead (that’s bald head), there is no hope for recovery.

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Due to your hereditary condition of the male pattern hair loss, everybody can investigate into their family history to get and idea about whether or not they will suffer from hair loss.

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And finally, do you think there will ever be a magic pill in future that will permit men to fully regrow their hair even after significant male pattern baldness?

No, I don’t think it is possible or there is any hope for a magic pill. Especially because the risks and the main reason of male pattern baldness which is based on hereditary and is a genetic precondition. So that’s why the fight against hair loss isn’t an easy task.

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The study which proves caffeine supports hair composition crop up in the British journal of Dermatology. The study was carryout under Associate Professor Dr. Tobias W. Fischer, Head of the centre for Clinical Hair Research and the Laboratory for HairBioloy at the University Dermatological Clinic in L├╝beck.