11 Leg Workouts for Men at Home to Stay Agile

leg workouts

So the exercise freaks, you should know that getting a strong and powerful leg will not cost you much. You will never need costly machines that you see in the health clubs or a gym. But how to take care of that in your home? Yes, that’s what we will be guiding you this time. Why don’t you try out such exercises that doesn’t cost you much time but gives you a good result? Here we are will some of the most effective leg workouts for men at home to stay agile. So don’t miss it out this time.

Leg Workouts for Men to Stay Agile

Leg Exercises for Beginners:

If you are not into exercises on a regular basis, you shouldn’t move to the advanced level directly as it may lead to an injury. So, it’s always better to start from the beginner level and then move forward towards the advanced level. So the beginners, get ready to experience stronger legs with some of the best sorted out workouts.

1. Lunges:

First, try out with this easy exercise that you can do with just a bit of effort. Stand with your feet a hip distance apart. Now put your right leg 3-4 feet apart and bend your right knee to the right angle so that it becomes parallel to the floor and simultaneously drop the left knee so that it almost touches the floor. Now set back to the beginning position and repeat the same with your opposite leg. Do this for almost 30 reps for leg workouts.

2. Step ups:

For this exercise, you will need a stable chair, bench or a surface that will not move. It should be about 15-25 inches high from your floor level. Now put your right foot on the upper surface and then step up with one leg putting all the force on it. Bring the left leg to the surface and again step down with your right leg and then put your left leg down. Now lead the whole process with your left leg.

3. Glute Bridge:

Lie down on the ground straight with your knees bent and feet flat touching the floor. Keep both your arms on the side with your palms down. Now dig into your heels and lift up your hips, shoulders, and knees up to form a straight line and squeeze your glute as you come up into a bridge position. Try to keep your abs drawn so that you can’t overdraw your back during the entire exercise procedure. Hold in this position for at least a couple of seconds before getting back to the start position.

4. Heel Raise:

This exercise is really beneficial for strengthening your calves and on the other side this one is really easy for the beginners. So stand straight with your shoulders apart and raise your heel above so that you can stand on your tiptoes. Repeat this slowly and several times for example 40 reps in 3 sets. This exercise will show you some changes very quickly and will give you immediate results.

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